Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Day 2, Beatles-style

Was my first day on the wards--hooray!
Though I had virtually nil to say
I got a rush being in the fray
There are residents in charge of me
Assuming I can do an H&P
On women deep in pregnancy
I see
Abdomens and vaginas by the tens
Fetal heartrates and on ultrasound,
the tiny legs and feet and hands...
Staples Out
OCP Talks
Fetal Heartrates
Speculum G&C Collection
Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic
Teenagers with Babies


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rachel, my belle'
are the words that come to me this day

Rachel, our belle
elle doctor in training doing well
oh rachel ,,,
oh rachel

i loved these
i loved these
your musings

i can see by now
your sensitive ways
your attention that stays
shall do you so well
oh rachelle
oh, oh rachelle!!

on the way to take astrid and allen to the bus...
i enjoyed these so much...
and love your loving connections of uteri and hearts and of course in my way shall consider the energetic dynamics of how dissease happens in both and how they may connect in a healing way for women..


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