Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ampy Doodle Dandy

There are some who study from review books.
Others who write their own flashcards.
And still others who find online tests and quizzes to self assess their knowledge.
But there are only a select few, such as my friend/classmate/roommate Allison and I, who have both the rhyming and procrastinatory talents required to spend valuable time composing singable study tools:

To the tune of "Yankee Doodle":

For UTIs from E. Coli,
Salmonella diarrhea,
Bad nose and ear when H. flu's here,*
And meningitis from Listeria,

Use ampicillin by IV,
Amoxicillin orally,
Prevent dental endocarditis,
Treat enterococcus and H. pylori!

* bad nose and ear = sinusitis and otitis media

Incidentally, this song was inspired by the creative genius of Dr. Sheldon Campbell, director of our microbiology course and former member of the famous trio Simon, Sheldon, and Garfunkel (or so we surmise.) Dr. Campbell brought his guitar to almost every lecture he gave, ending class with rousing renditions of classics like "Home, Home in the Gut" and "When the Ticks Go Marching In". Email me if you want the words to any of these micro masterpieces.


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