Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Paradox of Sue

Scene: Outside of the bathroom at Koffee 2:

“That’s a pretty necklace. I’m Jewish. It’s a Jewish star, right?”
Yes. Thanks.
“Yeah, it’s real pretty. Delicate like, you know? I’ve never seen one like that.”
Yeah, my dad got it for me in Israel. It was made by an artist I think.
“I’m Sue.”
Hi, I’m Rachel.

Do you live in New Haven?
“No, Hamden. But in the New Haven section.”
“Do you live in New Haven?”
Yeah, I’m a student here.
“A student?”
A med student. Medical student. I just finished my first year of medical school here.
“Oh! … Do you know what kind of doctor you want to be?”
No, no, not yet. I still have three years to go.
“Plenty of time to decide”
Exactly, plenty of time to decide.

What do you do?
“Oh, I’m retired.”
Ah, so you just enjoy life then.

Um…what did you do before that?
“I was a diet counselor.”

Uh….great! Did you enjoy it?
“Oh yes, and I was very good at it. Calories, fat—I had all those numbers memorized”
Well…that’s great—very necessary. I’m sure you helped a lot of people.
“Yeah, well…now I’m on a diet myself. To lose weight. (beat) I was thin when I was a diet counselor.”
Mmm…so since you retired, you, ah…
“Gained a lot of weight.”
I see. So what diet are you on?
“My own diet.”
Oh, what does that involve?
“Well…for lunch I eat a banana. For breakfast, a donut. And for dinner, two pieces of a gefilte fish and a salad.”
(beat) Well, whatever works.

Well…I have to get to the bathroom…
“Hey, I’m sitting over there in the other room, if you want to come over and chat.”
Uh, well, I really have a lot of work to do, and stuff…sorry. But maybe I’ll see you around. Nice meeting you, Sue. Good luck with your diet.


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