Monday, December 08, 2003

Diurnal Diuresis

8:30am Out the door, stopped to get latte at Dunkin Donuts (their newest ploy to win over Starbuck's junkies--and apparently it's working, since today was the second time I accidentally ordered a "tall" latte without realizing my mistake, until the bleary eyed cashier--no baristas here--shot me a look of confusion and pity). Breakfast at Marigold's, last minute investigation of bladder areflexia, all before anatomy conference at 9. Impressive!

11:02am Done with bladder, now on to diabetes. Learned how erection works (arteries fill, veins get cut off), why people sometimes wet their pants when they're scared (even though sympathetic output is supposed to inhibit micturition, the pontine micturition center is near the limbics, which mediate emotions), and other fascinating factoids. Starting writing parody to the Lion Sleeps Tonight:
Verse 1:
In the pelvis, the mighty pelvis,
The bladder sits, upright,
While urine collects in it the sympathetics keep
The detrusor calm and internal sphincter tight.

Go peeeeeeee a baby has no voluntary control
Go peeeeeeee when you grow up your pons gets to play a role

Um...yeah. That's enough for now.