Monday, March 08, 2004

Dimply Delightful

One day, as she stole a glance in the hallway mirror as she waited for the elevator to grace the 10th floor with its presence, Rachel was shocked to notice a slight dimple in the crease of her right cheek. “I never knew I had a dimple!” she thought to herself with a kind of ‘who, me?’ surprise generally reserved for dainty young things and little old ladies who’ve just won at the slots. And just as the nearly imperceptible line of a wrinkle can set off a serious bout of self-depricating middle-aged blues, the equally faint glimmer of a dimple that she found for the first time that day could be said to have been the catalyst for the reactions that were to take place over the course of the next few months.

What is it like to live your whole life thinking that you are one way, only to wake up one morning and find that you have been completely mistaken?


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