Monday, April 03, 2006

The More We Know, The Dumber We Get...

It is with great disappointment that I present to you the "astounding" results of a major study published in the current Annals of Internal Medicine (a highly respected medical journal representing the results of the best and brightest's years of intense scientific inquiry):

Effects of Comprehensive Lifestyle Modification on Diet, Weight, Physical Fitness, and Blood Pressure Control: 18-Month Results of a Randomized Trial

Objective: To compare the 18-month effects of 2 multicomponent behavioral interventions versus advice only on hypertension status, lifestyle changes, and blood pressure.
Conclusion: Motivated adults can sustain several lifestyle changes over 18 months, which might reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease.

In Other Words: We live in an environment that makes it so difficult to live a healthy lifestyle, and doctors are so incompetant at educating and motivating patients to make lifestyle changes to reduce their risk for chronic disease, that we have actually begun to doubt that it is humanly possible for people to stop eating donuts and start exercising, to the point that we had to spend several years and who knows how many thousands of dollars re-convincing ourselves that there is hope for the masses. Seriously? Seriously??


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