Sunday, July 17, 2005

Coming Soon, To A Neurologist's Office Near You: iBrain

I have recently begun saying that I love my iPod so much, I can't wait til the technology is developed to get it implanted behind my ear. After all, there is rarely a moment when I am not either listening to music or generating my own private soundtrack to accompany my inner monologue. But did you ever have the experience of being in such a deep morning sleep that when your radio alarm went off, you heard the radio playing in your dream, and no matter how many volume controls you swiveled or plugs you pulled, the radio continued its incessant blare? ... Well, I have. I imagine that's what it must be like for those who have the musical hallucinations described in this NYTimes article.

Maybe if enough people develop these musical hallucinations in the future, as the doctor in the article speculates, Apple will develop a special neurally implantable version of iTunes. And I'd be able to stop worrying about dropping or losing my iPod. Better yet, maybe they'll develop a surgery for *creating* these musical hallucinations in people who want them... symphoniplasty anyone?


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