Sunday, July 10, 2005

Caveat Emptor!

Last weekend I went "out East" to the ante-Hamptons for some quality July 4th weekend chillin' with my friend Matthew and his family at their house in Hampton Bays--a less pretentious, and presumably less expensive, way to get out of the NYC summer miasma and relax at a real live beach or under real live trees. On Monday morning, we (and apparently every 17-year-old blonde girl on summer vacation within a 10 mile radius) decided to get our morning sustenance at the corner Dunkin' Donuts. Maybe you already knew this, but I was shocked: they now offer a WHOLE WHEAT donut! Ironic, no? I was almost tempted to get one, and you might be too, so I'm warning you: Don't Be Fooled. A donut in whole-wheat clothing is still a piece of deep fried, artery clogging white bread with lots of empty calories. According to the nutritional information , these so-called whole wheat donuts are even worse than regular donuts because their first ingredient (ingredients are always listed in order of amount in a product) is partially hydrogenated oil! Evil, indeed. I hate it when food companies trick innocent people into thinking they're making a healthy choice that actually leaves them worse off than they would have been with the unhealthy choice.


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