Monday, August 25, 2003

Beginning the Beginning

After four days in the netherworld between premed and med, hiking through the hills ("mountains") of Connecticutt and Mass. with fellow MOOTies (or as we called ourselves, Oogenesis), bonding with my future classmates through Kool-aid, sweat, and rain, tomorrow is the Day. Tomorrow, I officially become a medical student at the Yale School of Medicine class of 2007--and begin to live my lifelong dream (or as near to lifelong as is reasonably possible given the constraints imposed by the brain's limited capacity for temporal thinking and goal setting before about the age of five) of going to medical school and become a physician!

These last few weeks have sped by in a daze...from the unbelievable Harbin experience to vivid dreams ranging from Garfield and Odie (I was Odie) to dinner with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton (we had lamb)...

It's strange to think thay my new classmates, these 100 people who I've just started to meet and form impressions about, are about to become my closest family over the next few years. These names (Ryan, Liz, Brendan, Louvonia) and faces will become more and more familiar until I will be hard pressed to even remember what it was that I thought of them this week when we first met.


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