Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Day 2, Beatles-style

Was my first day on the wards--hooray!
Though I had virtually nil to say
I got a rush being in the fray
There are residents in charge of me
Assuming I can do an H&P
On women deep in pregnancy
I see
Abdomens and vaginas by the tens
Fetal heartrates and on ultrasound,
the tiny legs and feet and hands...
Staples Out
OCP Talks
Fetal Heartrates
Speculum G&C Collection
Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic
Teenagers with Babies

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pre-Wards Haikus

On Starting:
Tomorrow I start
Beginning fulfillment
Of my lifelong dream

To be a doctor
I hope it was worth all the
money and sleep debt

On Rotations:
My third year begins
From one clerkship to the next
I will (r)evolve

On Pelvic Exams:
What will I tell her,
My patient, if I think I've
Lost something up there?

On Accessorizing:
My pockets full of
Notecards, booklets, cheat sheets
Where are the posies?


Three weeks ago, my beloved powerbook unexpectedly emitted a terrifying screeching "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" and blacked out, succumbing to a devastating, premature death. After going through all of the traditional stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, cursing, calling mom, throwing things, retail therapy, acceptance), I finally came to terms with my loss a few days ago and worked up the courage to send the sad carcass of my computer back to Apple for diagnosis and presumed pronouncement. I got the "EZ Delivery" box from Apple within two days, but I just couldn't bear to send it back. Finally, I decided today to drive straight to the Apple store in Farmington to hand deliver the box and also let someone check out my equally dead ipod. The guy at the genius bar (as they pretentiously call the computer support team at the apple stores), Tom, asked me about my problem(s), so I told him my sorrowful tale of technological woe. Like the pro that he is, Tom carefully extracted my computer out of its cardboard airmail coffin and pressed power. And lifted it up to his ear to listen for signs of life. And put it back down onto the glass countertop. Et voila!! The little bitten apple logo appeared and my computer was resurrected!! I wanted to kiss Tom! He wouldn't let me though. But wait, there's more--he then plugged my ipod into his power strip. Et voila!! My ipod was resurrected!! Apparently it had totally run out of battery. I think Tom thought I was a complete idiot for bringing in two functional items and characterizing both of them dead. Personally, I'd prefer to think that Tom is just a worker of miracles.